Painting and creating is an intuitive process for me. I must trust that when I stand in front of my easel, that I will find my destination without a map. Most of my work is void of subject. Relying on visual memories to set a tone. A simple emotion of an event or time period will transform into color and composition. My latest work has been inspired by my travels to Paris. The wonderful display of art and architecture as well as, the beautiful gardens that accentuate the romance of the city have been muses for artists for centuries. The contrast of quiet and fanciful create a joy I can’t describe. The light on the Seine is a haunting beauty. All of the senses are called to stand at attention in this great city!

Along with color and composition, I am drawn to the process and action of my work. I am a lover of experimentation. The multitude of mediums and paints calls me to constantly research and play with new materials. The paintings do a lot of the work and act as a partner while working. They dictate what comes next like choice of medium, brush stroke, a mark, drips and pours, the use of ink, and or graphite. It is a sometimes beautiful dance and I must respond and follow or lead in every step. It is only when an emotion is stirred inside of my soul that I find the finished work in front of me. In this body of work I am seeking to find Paris within me.